Why to Use Dutch Boy Paint and Where to Buy It

Homeowners are presented with a large variety of different paints, including hundreds of colors, dozens of brands, and a few different sizes. One of the most popular high-quality brands available is Dutch Boy paints, available at a variety of home improvement retailers in the United States. There are many different reasons that people choose to use Dutch Boy paints, including some of the following:

Create by Inspiration

To get inspired, Dutch Boy paints have designed a web page that offers a variety of methods to find the perfect colors for a room. One method is called Storyteller, which offers a few different trendy color palettes inspired by literature. Another option is called Seeker, which is a variety of calming, relaxing color palettes perfect for any peaceful setting. There are three other inspiring options in the color gallery, or searchers can use a more basic approach to finding the perfect shades.

Create by Color

Another option on the Dutch Boy paint website is to create a room by color, using a variety of common favorite colors as inspiration. For instance, if you choose the Blue Family, there are four different color palettes available depending on the look that you are going for in that room. One of the options is Vibrant, which presents four different shades of blue that can be used together or paired with other colors to create a wonderful contemporary palette.

Additional Options

Dutch Boy paints are geared for durability and are considered among the highest-quality paints available. The website helps homeowners decide what colors are best and which types of paints are suitable for each project. One fun approach to choosing colors is based on the browser’s personality, and the answers are retrieved by answering a few questions about preferences, mood, and personality.

Another option that makes Dutch Boy paints stand out is the mood that they can create within a room. The website teaches homeowners the meanings of each color so that they can set the right mood in each space, and these paints are perfect for inspiring a variety of moods and environments. One of the most popular options is a vibrant palette that makes the room feel energetic and fun, although the more relaxing palettes are also very trendy for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Facts about Dutch Boy Paints

Some interesting facts about Dutch Boy paints:

  • According to the experts, Dutch Boy offers the best coverage of any high-quality paint. Although the darker shades may still need two coats, the professionals say that the quality is amazing.
  • The paint can is designed for practical use, with a handy spout for pouring paint into a roller tray and a convenient handle that stows out of the way when not in use. In fact, it is not a can at all, but rather a plastic container that is safer for the environment and easier to dispose of when the time comes.
  • There is almost no odor when painting with Dutch Boy paints, making it a great choice for those with children or pets. It is also preferable for anyone with respiratory concerns or without a lot of ventilation.

Where to Buy Dutch Boy Paints

Dutch Boy paints can be a little harder to find than some other brands of paint, but their website will help homeowners get ready for the project by finding a local store that offers the brand. It can also be a little costlier than some other brands, but it is well worth the investment for those who want a paint that is high-quality, long-lasting, and very beautiful. The colors are crisp, the selection is diverse, and coverage is a lot better than some lower quality paint brands.

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