What Are Some Of The Best Room Paint Colors?

What are some of the best room paint colors? With hundreds of shades out there for each room in your home, it can be really frustrating to try to schedule a painting project for a particular space and narrow the choices down to just one color. People often turn to focal walls as an inspiration for secondary color choices within a room, but in some rooms—like the bathroom—this just is not a viable option. So, what are some of the best room paint colors? To put it simply, it all depends on a person’s point of view.

White and Neutrals as Traditional Room Colors

Sometimes simple is best, such as when you are considering selling a home, are decorating a nursery, or are designing a space that is low-traffic even on the best of days. For these rooms, and for those who just like a simple, traditional look, neutrals and white are great options for room colors. Most brands of paint are available in these shades since they are such popular colors for rooms, including eco-friendly options, exterior, interior, and other types of paint for every room in the home.

Pastel Colors Outside the Nursery

Like neutrals and white, thousands of people go with a pastel shade in at least one room, with the majority choosing this option throughout the house. This does not just mean blue, pink, and yellow shades for baby nurseries, but rather any shade that is a very light version of that color, from green to purple and gray to orange. You can easily coordinate a pastel room color with any theme or decorative style, including many modern color palettes for flooring and furniture ideas. It depends on your sense of style, but this can be an excellent alternative to neutrals to coordinate with white for a peaceful, relaxing environment.

Metallic Shades as More than Accessories

Metals are a contemporary choice for room colors, and they can be expressed through paint, furniture, accents, or accessories. Gold and silver are the most popular shades for metals as room colors, but brass, bronze, nickel, wrought iron, and other ideas are also available in a variety of mediums. Metallic shades coordinate perfectly with a diverse selection of themes and decors too, from contemporary ideas to traditional approaches in many different colors.

Contemporary Cools throughout the Room

Room colors are often about a palette of shades instead of one particular color repeated over and over. On occasion, there may be a room in the home that features one specific color, such as “The Green Room” for example, but in most cases even that room will have other colors present (such as white or brown). Contemporary décor styles are very trendy all over theUnited Statesand feature many cool shades as room colors, such as blues, grays, white, greens, purples, black, and some browns. So long as the shade leans toward the blue end of the spectrum instead of the red one, it is acceptable as part of the décor in the room.

Basic Black as a Room Color

Black shades are not often thought of as a best room paint colors since it is mostly used as an accessory or accent shade, but some people are returning to the 1950s décor styles that utilized black far more often. There are many different ways to include black as a room color, such as through furniture, artwork, appliances, rugs, or fabric. Use black pretty sparingly though, because it can quickly overwhelm the room and make it feel small and cramped. It is best used as a secondary room color in conjunction with bright, vibrant shades or clean whites to balance the darkness.

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