Wall Paint Colors, How to Pick The Most Affordable Yet Quality Wall Paints

When it comes to wall paint colors and wall painting ideas, the two biggest factors are usually quality and affordability, and without a satisfactory resolution for both factors the homeowner usually scraps the project and looks for an alternative. Wall paints are no exception to this rule, so it is vital to know how and where to find high-quality and affordable wall paints for the interior and exterior of the home. This article will offer tips on finding wall paints that satisfy both criteria and leave the home with a professional look regardless of the painter’s skill level.

Watch the Budget

Before you proceed any further, establish a budget for the project so that you know what you can spend on wall paints. The best wall paint colors are rarely as affordable as we would like, but it is worth it sometimes to have a paint that will be durable and long-lasting. However, if the budget does not allow for the top quality you can choose one that is still durable without the best brand names in the business. Look for wall paints that fit the budget without sacrificing durability and quality as much as possible.

In some cases, the budget is too small for quality wall paints, and this may be your signal that the project needs to wait a while. If the wall paints cannot wait, look for other areas of the renovation budget that can be trimmed or adjusted to make some more room. That way you can still complete the project without spending more than you can really afford, and if you come in under budget with the paint due to a deal or coupon you can always add the savings back into the decorating budget at a later date.

Use Online Comparison Tools

The availability of comparison tools on the Internet is truly invaluable and it can be used to compare different wall paints available from different brands. This is a great way to compare cost, durability, eco-friendliness, color options, and much more very quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can use these comparison tools to determine the suitability of one brand name or color for your project, such as painting furniture or outdoor painting.

Most of us have the Internet today, as evidenced by the fact that you are reading this article, and it can be used to save a lot of time and money in this regard. It is also a great way to narrow down the selection, since most home improvement stores have dozens of wall paints in different brands and hundreds of colors available. For those new to painting, it can also help narrow down the choices to those that are best for beginner painters.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendation

Choosing the best quality, affordable wall paints can be as easy as asking friends and family members what they chose. Behr and Glidden are among the most popular brands, with brands like Olympic also being great and trendy choices for indoor and outdoor painting projects. It depends on your budget, but sometimes you can find great deals on clearance or markdown brands for different store events.

Store brand might be cheaper, but with the ads that you see on television for the name brands you know what they guarantee at least and can hold them accountable for that guarantee. A friend can sometimes help you determine quality based on his or her own experiences, such as one that should not be purchased versus someone who has had a great experience with a different brand. Just be sure that the person lives in a similar climate to avoid a very different outcome simply because the weather treats the paint differently.


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