Living Room Paint Colors Ideas and Tips

Living room paint colors: The living room is one of the most high-traffic rooms in the home, and as such one of the focal points that should be well decorated and aesthetically pleasing to visitors and family members. A lot of living room paint ideas are out there, depending on the homeowner’s personality and sense of style, and some are really creative while others are more neutral. Here are just a few very different ideas for living room paint projects:

Striking Color Contrasts, Modern and Bold

One of the trendiest ideas for living room paint colors is a bold, striking color contrast theme, such as black and white, with a splash of color to break up the monochrome. This contrast usually includes everything in the room, from furniture to flooring and even the walls. Most people avoid painting the walls black obviously, but white is usually the option for walls and ceilings with a focal wall to add color. Bright, vibrant shades add to the color contrast for the focal wall, such as yellow, red, greens, blues, and purple. Stay away from those shades toward the darker end of the color spectrum or they will overwhelm the room when paired with the black shades.

Contemporary Colors, Cool and Clean

Another very popular option is to go with contemporary shades throughout the living room, including living room paint options. This includes cool shades of blue, gray, purple, green, black, white, and metallic shades, and works great when paired with metallic accessories, sleek furniture, and gauzy fabrics. Keep toward the blue end of the color spectrum with each color, and stay away from the red end or the colors will clash with each other. Shades of purple and green are tricky in this regard, since many lean farther toward the warm end of the color spectrum than the cool one.

Neutral Colors, Traditional and Peaceful

Thousands of people choose a neutral living room paint colors, especially if they are considering selling the home or want the look to last a long time. This includes the most calming shades in the color spectrum, such as shades of brown, green, yellow, gray, white, some oranges, and pastel shades. To some people it may sound boring, but these shades are the most sought-after for any home, often because people want to keep the energy as peaceful as possible and introduce more vibrancy through accessories instead of paint.

Choosing the Right Living Room Paint Shade

Obviously the room would look awful with a blend of several different paint themes within the same space, and some people really get overwhelmed when trying to pair colors and shades to make the space look great. Color swatches are a great way to pick color combos that are perfect for the living room paint, whether it means heading to a home improvement store and picking up a few handfuls of colors or doing online research and finding colors and shades that are perfect with the furniture and flooring.

In most cases, one particular color will be on the walls and other shades are used for accents, accessories, and flooring. Others add a focal wall that is a different shade than the other three but one that complements the rest of the room. Color swatches are perfect for finding shades that are a little darker, lighter, or within the same decorating style, such as pairing two different colors to get the beginning of a great, trendy theme. On the other hand, choosing one color for all four walls is still very common and a great way to allow accessories to be the focal points in the room.

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