How to Paint a Room the Easy Way

There is a lot of focus on paint colors, accessories, themes, and products that make painting easier, but some people need help with the fundamentals of painting. This includes tips on how to paint a room, especially easy, practical tips for beginners without much experience in this regard. One cannot simply walk into a room and get started in most cases, and without knowing how to paint a room the right way the end result could be far from desirable. Here are some helpful steps to help get started correctly and learn how to paint a room the easy way:

Getting Started like a Pro

To learn how to paint a room right, start with the right approach by protecting the rest of the room from paint accidents. Protecting the room is easy, simply:

Protect the floor with a drop cloth or other covering, which can be purchased at any hardware store or home improvement retailer. Most people buy a drop cloth with their first painting project and keep it for future projects.

Protect windows, molding, outlet covers, light switches, and door frames with blue painter’s tape or something similar that will keep paint out. This helps give a clear visual line that should not be crossed while painting the rest of the room, and it will help produce more professional results. When finished with the rest of the room, use small paintbrushes to finish the job and create sleek, perfect lines around these areas.

Protect the painter too with protective eyewear, gloves, and a hat to keep paint out of the hair. A mask is helpful for those with respiratory problems, but opening a window can be just as effective in most cases.

Clean the Wall First

Wipe down the walls with something dry to make sure there are no cobwebs, dust, or other debris that could affect the look of the paint. A dry, clean cloth wrapped around a broom works great for this job, but any type of fabric sweeper will suffice. Just make sure that the walls are pretty clean before getting started with the paint so that sudden intrusions do not make the job take longer.

Prime the Wall

When the walls are currently a dark color, make sure to start by priming the wall with a solid coat of primer, such as Killz or another brand that accomplishes the same goal. Otherwise it could take far more paint to cover the existing color and this could take the project from costing a hundred dollars or less to costing several hundred—even a thousand—dollars. It only takes a few minutes to an hour to paint this coat, but it does need to cover the entire wall in order to be effective.

Paint the Room

If the walls are light-colored currently, the last step can be skipped and the room can be painted with two coats of paint in the desired shade. Sometimes the room will not need two coats, but it depends on the current shade of paint and the quality of the new paint. It is not hard to learn how to paint a room the easy way; it is just a matter of getting familiar with the steps needed to get started and what is needed for the best look in each room. The actual painting part of the process is the simplest in most cases; just grab a roller, paint gun, or paintbrush and get the paint on the walls with an up and down motion or other painting method.

Cleaning Up

Finally, make sure to clean up the area and paint any spots that need a touch up, such as around the areas protected by tape. Dispose of leftover paint the right way by looking up paint disposal sites in your area or ask around to see if anyone needs the remnants. Store the rest in a dry, clean place for future painting projects.

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