How to Choose a Paint Color Online

Painting can be a great way to refresh the look of your home, whether you are trying to sell it or just hoping to improve the appeal of a particular room. However, it can be really hard to choose the perfect paint in a store, since you can really only see the price and ingredients. So how do you choose the right paint color? Instead of wasting time standing in the paint aisle of your local home improvement store, choosing the right paint online is faster and more convenient for most people. You can browse paint online by color, brand name, durability, eco-friendliness, or many other options depending on personal preference.

How to Choose a Paint Color

The right shade of paint is never going to be the same from one home to the next, and to imagine everyone’s home painted in the same shades would create a boring world.  It is far easier to look at colors of paint online and find a shade that matches the theme, color palette, or your own sense of style for one room, the entire house, or the exterior of the home. Most paint brands offer paint swatches for variations of specific colors too, and the majority of these are available online or in stores.

Brand Name

This is probably the most popular method of choosing paint online, since many people will use a brand name based on popular reviews, word-of-mouth recommendation, prior experience, and other reasons. Some use coupons or discounts to help narrow down the selection, and the majority of reliable and reputable brand names offer discounts or markdowns from time to time, especially during the spring months when homeowners tend to think about redecorating. By shopping brand names of paint online, you can narrow down the selection based on price, availability in your area, color choices, eco-friendliness, and other limiting factors.

Durability of the Paint

Another reason to shop for paint online involves paint wear, also known as durability or longevity. This can be very different from one paint brand to the next, especially store brands versus high-quality brand names. In addition, the wear of the paint can be drastically different from oil-based and water-based paints, and for parents of small children this can be an important factor since walls may need to be wiped down on occasion due to messes. The most durable paints are rarely the cheapest, but when you are looking for a paint that will last a long time a slightly higher cost in the beginning may be the best option to avoid painting again in a year or two.


People all over the world are turning to products that are better for the environment, so shopping for paint online can be a great way to find paints that are eco-friendly. This often means low- or no-VOC, or volatile organic compounds, and it can also mean a slightly higher price tag in some cases. When you are working to protect the environment—and your family—from substances that are potentially harmful, the price tag is worth the additional cost. It depends on your own world views and the available budget for a particular project.

Website Paint Comparison Tools

A few websites offer comparison tools to make choosing the right paint online far easier, often by allowing you to compare all or most of the above factors side-by-side from different brands. This is a valuable option that can be used to determine which paints are best for your project based on your needs and wants, from budget to eco-friendliness and longevity. You can also limit paints by project, such as indoors versus outdoors, paints for high-traffic areas, or paints for the bathroom.

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