Best Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams offers a wide variety of paint colors that coordinate well with each other for a new look in any room of a home, regardless of individual personalities. SherwinWilliamspaint offers quality paint coverage without causing the home owner to go financially broke. SherwinWilliamspaint colors are guaranteed to keep their color for years to come, are easy to clean, and are environmentally friendly. SherwinWilliamsoffers paint choices for both the interior and exterior of the home, including special trim paint, paint made for high humidity areas, and inexpensive contractor quality paint.

Neutral, Warm Colors for Family Areas

Neutral colors are ideal for the areas of the home that are to be enjoyed by all members of the family and are often warm toned, earth friendly colors.SherwinWilliams paint colors such as Latte and Dover White are useful for family areas, or for the home that is on the real estate market to be sold. Latte is a warm, medium tan that is especially useful in areas that see little natural lighting as it is light enough to add depth while not too dark to cause the room to appear small. Dover White is an off white shade that coordinates with many other colors for use in almost every room of a house.

Decorating Staged Areas with Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Warm colors that are neutral tones, such as tan or off white, are perfect for the homeowner who is trying to sell their home as they allow the potential buyers to visualize how they might personalize the home to fit their family. Sherwin Williams paint colors offer a wide variety of colors that are perfect for staging a home. Neutral colors also depersonalize a home that is for sale, which aids the seller in letting go of the home emotionally.

Child Friendly Colors for Children’s Rooms

Sherwin Williams offers paint color collections marketed for children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Sherwin Williams is an ideal paint choice for children’s areas as it is very durable, easy to clean, and maintains the original color for years to come. Colors such as Priscilla or Vigorous Violet are good Sherwin Williams paint colors for a little girl’s bedroom. Sherwin Williams also offers a wide variety of paint colors for the tween or teen-aged young lady in the home as well, such as Indulgent, Gala Pink, or Begonia, which are shades of pink, purple, and coral.

Colors such as Secure Blue and Leapfrog are fitting for young boys, infants, and toddlers whileCote d’Azur andCayenne are better for young men who are approaching adulthood. Many boys prefer colors that are earth friendly blues, browns, and greens in differing shades depending on the age of the child. Colors that are considered masculine can be either warm or cool toned, while many of the feminine colors are cool toned only. A child’s play room also benefits from colors such asCote d’Azur, Leapfrog, and Begonia.

Decorating a Child’s Bathroom

A child’s bathroom is often one of the most difficult rooms in a house to choose a paint color for as everyone has his or her own opinion of what would be perfect.SherwinWilliams paint colors come to the rescue again with a wide variety of colors. Bathroom friendly colors that are suitable for children of different age sand genders include shades of yellow, green, some blues, and occasionally brown, depending on what decorative items are used in the bathroom.SherwinWilliams paint colors such as Papaya or Resolute Blue are good color choices for a well lit child’s bathroom.

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