Behr Paint Ideas, Swatches and Review

behr paint swatches and reviewThe Behr company took its first vibrant strokes in 1947 and since then, has not slowed in its progress, leaving in its wake a path of vibrancy and innovation on interiors and exteriors all around the world.  Behr has a loyal following of professionals, hobbyists, and Do-it-yourselfers but why do they choose Behr paint over the rest?

Behr Paint Color Choices

Let us judge a book by its cover and look solely at the surface.  Color.  Distilling it down, it is, simply, about the color.  But blue is not just blue and pink is not simply pink.  Design a nursery for a newborn or observe a new bride pick the accent colors for her new home; the lesson will soon be learned.  Color has flavor and personality.  It is the nuances that Behr has mastered as evidenced by their vast product line, covering the shades of the color spectrum.  Since 1947 they have been improving and innovating their product lines so that quality clearly distinquishes them from their competitors.  And quality is the primary reason customers keep Behr paint.


Where to begin?  The question would appear to be a launching point for most but for others it stagnates into indecision.  This is largely due to inexperience and lack of knowledge, but neither is any cause for worry.  Behr provides skills the novice needs to tackle painting projects with the confidence of a professional.   They achieve this by providing an online article knowledge base that covers topics such as, color choices for different types of surfaces, types of paint that work best for indoor and outdoor applications, techniques, and many more.  The education that is provided on the Behr website rivals that of many stand alone DIY websites and is yet another reason why a successful design project should start with Beher paint.

Customer Support

Not everyone starting a project has the artistic eye and flair for design that a craftsman has.  Thankfully, the company provides tools for those who need help picking the right Behr paint or color scheme.  They provide customer support directly from their website and one-on-one support, nationwide, at their Color Centers.  Like many other successful businesses, they have carved a niche in the social atmosphere to help support their customers.  Questions can be fielded and discussions started through Behr’s Twitter, Facebook, or email channels.  Customer service is another reason why people choose Behr paint.


If artistic brilliance seems to strike at inconvenient times, then there is a unique resource for owners of iPhones, iPads, and Android powered devices.  Behr has created a mobile application called ColorSmart that can be downloaded free. ColorSmart allows users to upload pictures of an interior or exterior and select colors from the picture which are matched, shade for shade from Behr paint collection.  If that is not enough, the app will paint the space, virtually, so that the finished product can be previewed long before the first drop of paint is poured.

ColorSmart is not just limited to mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.  It is also available online from Behr’s website.  They want their customers to succeed and be happy with the colors they choose so they offer these wonderful tools to insure that each project is a success.  With these free tools how can project fail?  Why would anyone choose another brand over Behr paint?

It is not clear why anyone would, but with the support Behr offers along with the free tools, what is becoming clear is why Behr paint has such a loyal following and trusted reputation.  Behr paint combines quality products with innovative tools and outstanding support for their customers.

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